Vineyard University

My name is Zac Vineyard and I’ve worked in higher ed for almost 15 years. Over that time I’ve tried to identify marketing strategies, tactics, and technologies that empower success in marketing and enrollment. Today, I’m happy to introduce Vineyard University. VU is a newsletter guide and website proving ground for higher education marketing, enrollment, and web technology. Covering everything from vendor offerings to innovative ideas in email marketing and web development, I created VU to challenge pre-existing ideas in higher ed marketing and enrollment tech and help higher ed professionals adopt and maximize new technologies. Here are the topics you can expect to read about within the project:

  • Website Governance
  • Content Management Systems for Higher Ed
  • Site Speed and SEO
  • Email Marketing and Design
  • Web Development and Design
  • Slate
  • Analytics
  • OKRs (Goals and KPIs)
  • UI/UX
  • Design of the Student Experience
  • Personalization

How it Works

VU is a two-part project. You will receive a newsletter that covers topics like marketing strategy, tactics (especially in the digital space), and technology. Then you’ll be able to see those strategies, tactics, and technologies on a fully-functioning website. This is a progressive project, so the website will become more complete as we journey together. It is my belief that we can learn and use ideas that will propel the enrollment and student website experience forward, quickly realigning it with the expectations students have about how technology should work for them.


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