Last Updated 4 November, 2019

Here’s what I can tell you: minimalism has helped me. It has helped me feel less overwhelmed, helped me save money, and helped me be more productive at work. Even in the face of nihilistic satire that belittles (not a pun, I swear) the actions of minimalism as reactions to “poor-me,” first world problems, minimalism has helped. I don’t believe it is an objective moral guide or a cure for human hypocrisies, but it can clearly be adopted with pragmatic intentions to help us lead more fulfilling lives. Minimalism gives us fewer possessions, fewer problems, fewer days filled with phone notifications, and less to worry about.

Among its many forms, I believe minimalism is about letting go. It is about seeking the essentials in life (these take many forms) and letting go of all the rest. Starting today, I’m going to post a daily photo on Instagram showing an item or items leaving my possession. In the beginning, it will be easy to find things to remove from my life. As the days go on, I’ll try my best to explain the stories behind objects to which I’m saying goodbye.

Please join me as I practice progressive minimalism by removing needless possessions from life every day. Follow along through the hashtag #minimalistzac on Instagram.

Here is the list of items that have left my life so far:

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