List of Free Web Dev Resources


After seeing other parents talk about their kids teaching themselves to code, I put together a list of free resources that have helped me become a web dev.

Installing Comodo Positive SSL Certs on Apache Ubuntu 14.04


If you are looking to do basic SSL encryption on your website, I recommend using SSL certificated from Namecheap. The most basic certificate is just $9 (USD). The process of buying a certificate is easy enough, but it can be hard to find good, basic instructions on how to install the certificate. That seems to always take a little more research than what's necessary.

Building a Christmas Music Light Show with a Raspberry Pi


A couple of years ago I really became interested in making a Christmas music light show using a Raspberry Pi. I've decided to put this post online to show you how to build the same show I built, and to talk about the challenges I had to overcome to get the show working. I'll also detail the hardware and software I used (links and downloads included) to make this show possible.

Letters from Zac

Zac Vineyard

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