Simplicity and a Coin Collection

My Coin Collection

April 3, 2018

Lately I've been following the and, because of the wisdom I've found there, I'm particularly interested in how minimalism impacts my life.

You see, recently I've been combing through my possessions (of which there are many) and trying to make decisions about them. In particular, I've been trying to decide if I should keep many of the things I own. I've gone through my wardrobe, kitchen drawers, books, etc. Along the way I've asked three questions about the items:

  1. Do I use this item?
  2. Does this thing bring me joy?
  3. Am I holding onto this item because I believe it will be valuable one day, even though I don't know its value today?

Clearly, if I answer no to each of these questions, my practice has been to toss the item out. As you can imagine, however, it can be easy to answer questions and hard to move on.

The Coins

I've always been fascinated with coins. I think they are cool. And along the way I've accumulated a small collection, which includes a Mercury Dime, some old dollar coins, and some half-dollars. Nothing too fancy. Tonight I'm debating whether or not to keep the collection. And as I look at the coins, I have a striking realization. I don't appreciate the coins because I think they are small pieces of art, but instead cling to the hope that they will be worth money some day. A clear no to question three. And if there is a "minimal maxim" I could pass to a person debating the future of a collection they have—whether books, coins, or stickers—if you're holding out for the money, you might consider moving on. It is hard to cash-in today on some small, distant, future financial joy.