Minimalism is Donating Your Acme JUICERator®

Last Updated 22 March, 2019

I haven't told her yet (and I'm not sure she'd remember anyway), but I donated my mother-in-law's Acme JUICERator®. Here's why: it had been in our house for 7 years and we hadn't used it. My wife's mom had given it us because she didn't use it much. Against her expectations, I think, it didn't get used by us much either.

It didn't get used at all.

After watching The Minimalists on Netflix, the juicer was the first thing I knew could find a new home. We'd moved with it to a new house. We had placed it in our pantry. It collected a high amount of dust. Shortly after being inspired by The Minimalists to evaluate my possessions, the Acme JUICERator® joined three car loads of possessions my wife and I knew could go. Three car loads.

Donating the juicer happened a few months ago. This juicer sticks out in my mind because it was unique and it had a funny name. Oddly, however, I can't recall a single other item I donated on the day I parted with the JUICERator®. Not one. My entire car was full of items. Clearly, items that weren't that important to begin with. Which begs me to ask of myself: What were you holding on to?

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