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Nov 28, 2019

How to Tell if Your Watch is Counterfeit - Check out this Fake Longines

Zac Vineyard

Buying watches online can be a very interesting ordeal. There are times when a watch looks authentic, but it might not be. There are times when a watch is clearly a fake. Even though I've only been collecting watches for a short time, there are some all-too-easy signs that will help you recognize a fake when looking online.

To help demonstrate my point, I'm going to tell you of the time I purchased a fake Longines watch. Full disclosure here, I paid $25.65 for this watch. The price alone should be throwing up a red flag. But in the moment, that's not what I was thinking about. Instead, I was thinking that if the watch is genuine, I'd be able to sell it for more than I pay.

Take a look through these images of the watch and see if there are things you think aren't quite right.

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What's Wrong with this Longines Watch

  1. Upon pick-up, I noticed is that the weight of the watch is wrong. That's because the case on this fake is made out of coated plastic, not polished steel.
  2. The stitching on the band was cheap and poor. The cheap band, too, feels like plastic, even thought it is stamped "Genuine Leather." Leather bands feel supple, and moldable. Cheap "leather" bands feel like a thick, hard trash bag.
  3. The fact that the words "Stainless Steel Back" and "Water Resistant" are etched into the case back should be a huge red flag. While come brands etch the words "Stainless Steel" into the case back (often seen on vintage watches), I've only cheap Chinese-made watches make the words so prominent. They're so big, in fact, they overshadow the logo.
  4. Speaking of the logo, this one is painted on the dial instead of applied. I think any contemporary watch over the $100 price-range should have an applied logo. That's not a rule, but a guideline for quality.
  5. The lugs have very rough edges for a new watch. Sometimes watches will have dings on the lugs, but not usually until after a few strap changes. The lugs are so crappy on this watch because the case is plastic!
  6. The "leather" band is missing the second strap loop.
  7. As it progresses around the dial, the second hand does not line up with the indexies on the dial, making for a very annoying experience for the watch owner.

Hopefully this list, and this crappy fake Longines watch can help you avoid make the same mistake I did!

Flawed Thinking

As I look back at the moment I purchased this watch, I realize I wasn't thinking like a collector, but instead like a reseller. I wanted it to be real so I could sell it, not own it. I realize I let go of a key piece of advice: collect the watches you will wear and forget about the price tag. I think we should enjoy the collections we curate, not continually flip them for cash or the next trend in watch styles.

Just for your reference, it looks like one of these watches did sell on eBay.