PyroCMS WordPress Import Module

July 1, 2014

Get the Code

Migration Guide

First, download the module from one of the sources listed above. Below are the steps you need to take to import your site/blog into PyroCMS from WordPress. Please Note: It is best to only use this module with a new (content free) instance of PyroCMS.

Step 1: Download and Install the PyroCMS WordPress Import Module

Extract the contents of your downloaded WordPress Import module zip to a new folder:


Please note: the folder containing your module code must be named "wordpress_import" or things will be wonky.

Step 2: Export your WordPress site to XML

Downloading a complete XML output of your WordPress blog is the ticket to importing your WordPress site/blog into PyroCMS. Here is how to download that XML file:

  • Login to your WordPress site
  • Select 'Tools' from the left-side menu in the admin area of WordPress
  • Select 'Export' from the sub-menu under 'Tools'
  • Click the 'Download Export File' button (note that you'll want to export all content)

Step 3: Run the Import

After you have downloaded your WordPress site/blog into a XML file, return to your PyroCMS control panel, click 'Add-ons,' then click 'WordPress Import' to use the WordPress import module. Next, browse for your freshly downloaded WordPress XML file. Click 'Upload.' Once you click upload, wait while your posts, pages, and other information are imported into PyroCMS.

Video Demo

Watch a video demonstration on how to export your site from WordPress and import it into PyroCMS using the PyroCMS WordPress Import module.