Installing Comodo Positive SSL Certs on Apache Ubuntu 14.04

If you are looking to do basic SSL encryption on your website, I recommend using SSL certificated from Namecheap. The most basic certificate is just $9 (USD). The process of buying a certificate is easy enough, but it can be hard to find good, basic instructions on how to install the certificate.


PyroCMS WordPress Import Module

A couple of months ago, based on a number of requests from developers using PyroCMS, I took time to build a WordPress import module for PyroCMS that allowed developers to move content from their WordPress site into a new (and better) instance of Pyro. While that original module was received well, I could tell, at that point, it was just half of a module. The module really needed to also take exported content from PyroCMS or WordPress and move it into a new Pyro site.


Upgrade OpenSSL on Your DigitalOcean Ubuntu 12.04 Server to Protect Against Heartbleed

This morning I tested to see if my Ubuntu 12.04 DigitalOcean server was affected by Heartbleed and what I found was this: I was running one of the compromised versions of OpenSSL. Good news: the fix is quite easy to implement.


Book: Website Development with PyroCMS

I wrote a book last summer. If you're interested in getting an introduction to creating websites with PyroCMS, please checkout my book Website Development with PyroCMS. It will give you a great overview of all the best features of PyroCMS.


Building a Christmas Music Light Show with a Raspberry Pi

Learn how to build your own Christmas music light show using a Raspberry Pi, a little Python, a midi-listening C script, and a whole bunch of lights.


The Easy Way to Install the MongoDB PHP Driver on Ubuntu 12.04

Having trouble installing the MongoDB PHP Driver (mongodb-php-driver) on your Ubuntu 12.04 server? Here is the easy way to get it installed.


Post Data to a Remote Server (Cross-domain) with jQuery in PhoneGap

Android and iPhone apps built with PhoneGap are (because of PhoneGap's nature) compiled code, and because this compiled code is not a browser, you can execute cross-domain requests. In this short tutorial, I'll provide some sample code for sending a POST request to a remote server.


Upload a File to a Remote Server with PhoneGap

I recently started looking at PhoneGap as a way to build native smartphone applications without having to learn another programming language. The process, so far, has been going very well. I've been able to build a basic application with very little trouble. I did, however, hit a big hiccup in development when I decided to try and upload a file from a phone to a remote location. In this post, I want to explain how I was able to upload a photo from a phone, using PhoneGap (and PHP on the remote server), to a remote server.