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Written by Zac Vineyard in NES MBA

I'm part of the millennial generation, and here's how I know. My first opportunity to use a computer came in first grade, and ever since then, I've had a keyboard sitting at the end of my fingertips. For a number of my childhood years, a video game controller was also in my hands. While I've since retired my gaming days, I still think back on the memories that my brothers and I created playing NES games in the 1980s and 90s. It was honest fun. Sometimes it got us in trouble (staying up too late, etc.), but we liked it.

Today, I'm no good at NES games. I've followed other pursuits, including working to get my MBA over the past two years. Coincidentally, there were times when I would realize that a lesson from my class readings sounded familiar—a little too familiar. Today, I'm happy to announce that I'm launching a new blog series called the NES MBA, where I highlight some of the MBA insights I've gleaned over the past two years and connect them with a scene, quote, story, secret or image from an NES game.

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