PyroCMS Stream Search Module

Written by Zac Vineyard in Code

I'm please to announce the release of a basic stream search module on the PyroCMS addon store. This module lets backend users search stream entires using keywords. The innovative core of this module sits on its efficient use of existing system resources. Users use, for example, a slightly modified version of the streams input form to build their search parameters. The search results respect the view options set within the stream management area. You can quickly find records in a stream to edit, delete, or view.

Module Setup

There are 3 settings (two of which are required) that need to be set on this module before it can be used. They can be found under Settings in the main menu after you install the module.

  • Stream Slug
    The slug of the stream you want to use for the search module.
  • Stream Namespace
    The namespace in which the stream is located. Default is "streams."
  • Excluded Input Fields
    A comma seperated list of field slugs to ignore including in ths search form.

That's It!

After you set these settings, you can access the Streams Search module under Content in the main menu. There you will be presented with a form that mimics the Streams input form. This form, however, will allow you to submit search parameters for your query.

Download the Module

(Link will be live as soon as the module is approved in the PyroCMS store)