Wordpress, Godaddy, and Permalinks

Written by Zac Vineyard in Code

If you do a Google search on the subject, you find that people have complaints about how GoDaddy hosting works with Wordpress' permalinks function, many of whom claim one thing or another about how this tool works (or doesn't work). But I'd like to clear the air on the misconceptions. So, first let me explain some of the misconceptions surrounding GoDaddy and Worpress permalinks, then explain how you can get permalinks working on your Godaddy hosted Wordpress blog.


1. The mod_rewrite function doesn't work with GoDaddy economy hosting.

This is simply false. My blog (zacvineyard.com/blog) is hosted using GoDaddy economy hosting, and I don't have a problem using the mod_rewrite function. Dan at idano.net may have been mislead by a GoDaddy service represenative. You do not need to upgrade your account to use mod_rewrite with Godaddy.

2. I have to build my own .htaccess file and upload it to my server.

Wordpress automatically builds you a .htaccess file to use with mod_rewrite. As long as Wordpress has write access to your blog's install folder, you should be fine.

3. Mod_rewrite will not work with GoDaddy's current configuration of PHP.

Again, this is false. Wordpress is built using PHP, and again, I am using the mod-rewrite functions just fine on a GoDaddy economy hosted site.

How to Fix the Problem

All you need to fix this problem is patience. Every hour (at the top of the hour), GoDaddy refreshes .htaccess file configurations on their servers. After you select the appropriate Permalink structure you'd like your blog to have, you need to wait for GoDaddy's servers to refresh the .htaccess file configuration. Once this happens, your permalinks (modifed URLS) should be working perfectly.