PyroCMS ReflectionException Error When Installing Add-on

If you're trying to install an add-on in PyroCMS 3 and are receiving an ReflectionException in your Laravel logs or on command line, you are likely installing your module under an incorrect file path.


How to Migrate Git Repos from Bitbucket to GitLab

There are a number of good Git service providers online, including GitHub (the most common) and BitBucket. Lately, however, I've been the most impressed with GitLab as a service provider. I think their interface is easier to understand than Bitbucket's and, unlike GitHub, offer free private repositories for individual users. In this post, I'm going to show you how to migrate a repository from BitBucket to gitlab.com.


Ionic "Invalid device state" Error with Xcode 7: Solved

I've been working on an Ionic Framework project for a while now. Just recently after I upgraded to Xcode 7, however, I couldn't get a project to install on the iOS simulator. Every time I would build an emulate the project, the process would fail with an "Invalid device state" error. I tried a number of things: rebooting my machine, reinstalling Xcode, etc. What I discovered, however, was the root of this problem had nothing to do with Xcode 7, but instead with file permissions.


How to Get Stock Quotes with PHP Using the Yahoo Finance API

For as long as the stock market has been piling up data, there have been programmers looking to use that data. When you search for something like "stock price api" online, however, it can be quite hard to find a good, simple, free service for relaying stock ainformation. I've discovered a fix for that problem and it uses a little PHP and the Yahoo! Finance API.


Installing Comodo Positive SSL Certs on Apache Ubuntu 14.04

If you are looking to do basic SSL encryption on your website, I recommend using SSL certificated from Namecheap. The most basic certificate is just $9 (USD). The process of buying a certificate is easy enough, but it can be hard to find good, basic instructions on how to install the certificate.


PyroCMS WordPress Import Module

A couple of months ago, based on a number of requests from developers using PyroCMS, I took time to build a WordPress import module for PyroCMS that allowed developers to move content from their WordPress site into a new (and better) instance of Pyro. While that original module was received well, I could tell, at that point, it was just half of a module. The module really needed to also take exported content from PyroCMS or WordPress and move it into a new Pyro site.


Upgrade OpenSSL on Your DigitalOcean Ubuntu 12.04 Server to Protect Against Heartbleed

This morning I tested to see if my Ubuntu 12.04 DigitalOcean server was affected by Heartbleed and what I found was this: I was running one of the compromised versions of OpenSSL. Good news: the fix is quite easy to implement.


Book: Website Development with PyroCMS

I wrote a book last summer. If you're interested in getting an introduction to creating websites with PyroCMS, please checkout my book Website Development with PyroCMS. It will give you a great overview of all the best features of PyroCMS.


Building a Christmas Music Light Show with a Raspberry Pi

Learn how to build your own Christmas music light show using a Raspberry Pi, a little Python, a midi-listening C script, and a whole bunch of lights.


The Easy Way to Install the MongoDB PHP Driver on Ubuntu 12.04

Having trouble installing the MongoDB PHP Driver (mongodb-php-driver) on your Ubuntu 12.04 server? Here is the easy way to get it installed.


Post Data to a Remote Server (Cross-domain) with jQuery in PhoneGap

Android and iPhone apps built with PhoneGap are (because of PhoneGap's nature) compiled code, and because this compiled code is not a browser, you can execute cross-domain requests. In this short tutorial, I'll provide some sample code for sending a POST request to a remote server.


Upload a File to a Remote Server with PhoneGap

I recently started looking at PhoneGap as a way to build native smartphone applications without having to learn another programming language. The process, so far, has been going very well. I've been able to build a basic application with very little trouble. I did, however, hit a big hiccup in development when I decided to try and upload a file from a phone to a remote location. In this post, I want to explain how I was able to upload a photo from a phone, using PhoneGap (and PHP on the remote server), to a remote server.